Amber Pendant

Amber Pendant


Certified Natural Organic Baltic Amber. 

Amber is not in fact a crystal but is fossilised tree resin. Baltic Amber is considered to be one of the finest types of Amber. It was formed by the resin from Conifer Trees around 30 to 60 million Years Ago. 

Amber is often referred to as "Infused Sunlight", as it's energy is described as warm like the sun, an infuses the wearer with a healthy wellbeing. It is a very nurturing "stone", good for those suffering from illness both physical and mental.  

Throughout history, Amber was known for its healing properties, as 3-8% contains Succinic Acid. This acid has been scientifically proven of its positive effects on the body: promoting vitality, reducing aging, relieving pain, increasing blood flow etc. 

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