Never Change

Never Change


“Never Change”

By Elicia Ward

Acrylic on Canvas

mm x mm


Never Change the Original Blueprint you came here with. Meet each mirror passionately with intrigue. Allow the impact to ravish & reactivate the truth in you. Keep being foolishly innocent, sweetly pure, guard only the Original. Let life interrupt you. Then build radiant castles that glow like a beacon of hope for those who come after you. Not all get through. Not all survive the fierceness of life, most drown , settling in a monotonous routine.


Rise up, be YOU amongst the vehemence of life & be proud you have done so.


All the people I was programmed to trust set me on fire in hope I would burn to dust & my dreams would follow. Instead I glowed. I continued on, embracing the Original in me. Tainted of course, wounded indeed but more motivated & determined than ever.


Resilience allows me to stand in the fire & not get burned.

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