Maestro & Music United As One

Maestro & Music United As One


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Art by Elicia Ward


The maestro becomes the notes and arranges each detail to breathe life into stillness. Transparency amongst a unit of skin, bones & synapses in complete oneness, united with creative force.


There is nothing more beautiful than music falling into the soul & the soul surrendering to the sounds.

I melt amongst the vibrations, the muse igniting the most gorgeous expressions of sound, with unforgettable images within. This can be seen with the inner eyes, ‘the observer’.  Watching the Creative actioning the calls from the subconscious, conducting movement, arranging new life to stale thoughts. Nothing is known beyond this moment of inventing new life.


This is the Maestro & his music united as one.


This piece was inspired by a connection with a fellow local musician. I play guitar, sing & write my own music so we recorded a few songs & from there an idea was born. I was so moved by the music he created that we decided to do an exchange. He would create 3 minutes of music & I would create a sketch. Drumming was his first passion, hence the snare walking down the stairs. He was also very talented in writing piano music, which you can see falling into the background across the top of the canvas.

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