Higher Self - The 4th Person Back

Higher Self - The 4th Person Back


A4 Print 

Art by Elicia Ward.


“The part curiously awaiting my next move. Beyond the drama of my circumstance, the finder of my true love at first glance… The part never fooled and with the infrastructure of Trust. The igniter of, “must”, “yes” & “do” words in play. The observer of who “She” became.

This painting shows “Her” peering through all the structures/laws I had to obey in order to be who I am today. But I now see the structures for what they are… Never aimed at not letting me be me, just a law on its own, for itself, to itself… Once you see the pattern, once you see truest of truths, ‘you’ seems to dissolve & Higher Self becomes a part of the perspective. Becomes part of the real; Reality that is filled with freedom colour & engagement, raw & intense… Fearlessly you can throw yourself into the reality of the dreams in your heart. This is the real Here & Now. The Higher Self - 4th Person Back.”



In this painting we see my Higher Self peering through the squares of a conformist society. She is slightly washed into the background as she isn’t yet absolutely clear to me. She is becoming more & more present the more I actively align to the truth of who I am. It has been an extremely difficult task for me to comes to terms with the person I am. I have strengths & weaknesses, & I had to learn how to embrace them both. The more I engage with the real version of ‘me’ the more I see how many ‘me’s’ there are in here.. I am want to help people to accept themselves completely & I am to do that by inspiring others via my own actions.

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