Forgiving as Time

Forgiving as Time


A4 Print 

Art by Elicia Ward.


“It’s the words that you never write, & the things you never said & don’t want to admit.

It’s the chains tying you to the same old dance, same old song, same romance…

Say less… Just say less… & more, say less…. Until nothing is said & everything comes undone… Things need to come undone in order to see how wound up we really are…

Some people will never know the depth of their actions… some people won’t bother to check… And other people don’t even know how to link the two things that mean the most; Actions & Words.

These people mean no harm they don’t even know how to be there for you. The right time will know, the right heart will attempt to learn & is probably doing that this second… But for now, you must be as forgiving as time…”

As a witness we can only fall if we choose to fall into the delusion of the story, we cannot be made to. We can only choose to pull the body into the drama of the mind it cannot be done to us… Yet the only way to truly see this is by ‘waking up’, & falling into the inner self. By drawing a sphere of protection around us & speaking with our heart we can feel real truth, & true calm.


The message of the Birdifly, (top right of painting), “I met myself for the first time in the midnight rain. I decided to be all I could be. I decided I needed to be all of me” The combination of a Bird & a butterfly in flight. How exciting it was to see the image hit my mind all of a sudden. So captivated I was by this enchanting creature I felt I had not choice but to explore the idea with some sketches. Still in love I actually painted it on the front of my shop window! The combination of two strengths. The butterfly representing transformation and the Bird representing freedom. To me this means we have the ability to transform into whatever we desire at any given time, we have the luxury of this freedom and this is a gift”


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