Colour The System

Colour The System


A4 Print

Art by Elicia Ward.


The checkered grey represents all the old worn out systems in society based on fear. Our schools are when we first unlearn all the magic & wonder within ourselves & the world. As we grow older we become trained to repress the spontaneity in our hearts, & only follow the paths that are deemed ‘safe’ by the majority. We become harder & harder in nature due to the lack of emotional understand & compassion ‘allowed’ in our society; we are ‘fixed’ in the way we behave designed to be consistent & follow the rules.

But, things are changing. We are beginning to remember our uniqueness is not something that needs to be kept hidden behind routine & consistency.

This painting represents the grey old ways still slightly tainting our thinking, (see the top of the girls head is grey), our hands are still controlled by the things they say we must do, but the girl glows with all her colour & it pours all down the canvas in the background. She glows with vibrancy awaiting the perfect moment to paint her surroundings with the absolute truth of all she is. We can change the system back to colour, we just need to be ourselves completely.


The girl you see in the picture is my inner child. She shows up in many of my drawings and visions. She is the one that feels everything and expresses everything. She wears hiking boots and a high collar jacket that converts into a hood to protect her from any storm. The Umbrella she holds can be used to shield or as something to help guide her. This girl has been in my visions for many years now it’s only in the last decade I have really understood her significance. The further on my journey I travel, the more I see how beautiful, curious and courageous she really is.

I use archival paints, & Gallery hard timber canvas. Each coloured square has between 3 - 6 layers of colour. Majority of the grey squares are mixed intuitively to flow & balance the colours in the lower section.

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