A Girl Named Friday

A Girl Named Friday


A4 Print 

Art by Elicia Ward


A Story flooded into my mind as I sketched this painting out

This is Friday, she is 8 years old and named the best day of the week

She’s currently in a valley with her Grandma, but fast fast asleep

Somehow she ended up in a magical land not so far away

Bravely standing where once a dragon lay


A friendly lamp appeared on this cloudy day

And she asked if she could have a face that lit up the same

He said, ‘Of course you can, close your eyes and zip up your coat’

And that she did whilst he spoke

All of a sudden within her hood a light globe appeared

How happy she was, knowing she could


She wondered of all the other things she could magically do

Off to the next mountain to discover what else is true



The girl you see in the picture is my inner child. She shows up in many of my drawings and visions. She is the one that feels everything and expresses everything. She wears hiking boots and a high collar jacket that converts into a hood to protect her from any storm. The Umbrella she holds can be used to shield or as something to help guide her. This girl has been in my visions for many years now it’s only in the last decade I have really understood her significance. The further on my journey I travel, the more I see how beautiful, curious and courageous she really is.

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