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Awakening of the Senses – Group Session


THIS 2.5 hour group session will support participants WHO WANT TO  re-touch base with the senses using music and art therapies for this exploration. Although applying the use of colour and form is required during this workshop it is by no means a drawing competition or assessment of participant creative ability.

The five senses of smell, sight, sound, touch and taste will be ignited and in some cases retrieved.

Event facilitated by Cyana 

Born in Chile, in South America, Cyana was introduced to the more ancient traditions of medicine work via her maternal Grandmother. Cyana has worked with healing plants, sound healing, movement, drumming and plant medicine in ancient traditions for over 30 years. She has been initiated into the traditions of the Chilean Mapuche, Peruvian Shipibo, including dance and holistic approaches to healing, the Daoist tradition, having received the three treasures from Master Kow, has been acknowledged by Kendoki Masters as a strong 'Senchi' (Guardian, Warrior) in the Japanese Kendoki tradition and has worked with Aboriginal Australians for over 25 years having been adopted by clan groups in Western Australia and South Australia. Cyana is also a custodian of protecting what is in Victoria with regard to clan groups based within the Kulin nation.

COST? $150

WHEN? SUNDAY 25 MARCH 10:30-1:00PM


BOOK – Yes please! Space is limited to 13 spots. Be quick to book! BOOK HERE


Later Event: 31 March
Tarot & Tea