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The Secret to Reading Oracle Cards – Group Session


The Soul is an endless pool of knowledge, whose access depends solely on one’s curiousity and openness to discover the deep pools within …

Is this the first step for you?

Learn how to read oracle cards for yourself or for others.

Instruction will be provided on:

  • How to use cards & dedicate them to your task
  • How to use crystals and intention to clear cards & sever ties
  • simple card spreads to suit your reading style
  • How to ask questions around love, money, work, relationships &/or health
  • Simple techniques to further develop psychic skills
  • How to do in-person and distance readings

This class offers a full sensory developmental experience and a working knowledge of an oracle card deck of your choice!

Cost includes instruction, props, psychic exercises and a number of recorded meditations.

You will also receive a certificate of completion and an opportunity to join an online network to practice after the course.

If you do not own a set of oracle cards, one will be made available for your practice.
Alternatively, a new deck can be provided at cost. Limited spots available.

Event facilitated by Dana Parker 

Dana Parker is a natural born intuitive and offers intuitive readings via Akashic record retrieval and spirit channelling, psychic mediumship, clairvoyance, tarot & oracle cards.

Dana also offers past-life regression therapy, trance healing, meditation, intuitive development and soul coaching.

COST? $220



BOOK – Yes please! Space is limited to 13 spots. Be quick to book! BOOK HERE