You are the Maker...

I have learnt that I am deserving, I am safe, & I am good enough to live a life of my dreams. For this, creativity is a powerful force…’Paint pours through my soul & asks me to bring the canvas alive with what I see, sometimes its ink to page or spoken word. But one thing clear, I am not the inventor of these thoughts I am merely the instrument observing the fire ignite. Exploding, fusing, repelling, all tainted by the colours in a string of my soul’s lives, & when I really chose to connect to the still lake below my heart, I watch the night sky light up within me. I see no difference between me & the entire universe, constellations & beginnings, endings & ALL time. I have earn’t my passage. We are the designers, God, I am that I am, you are the one who turns the page into what ever you can possibly frame with an ‘allowance for you to have’. Everyone has had events that pull them into deep emotional spirals, everyone CAN have a story, Im just saying don’t be too fooled by the description banging around in your collective insecure & predicable mind. Be very clear which part of you is doing the talking & only listen to what will serve your end goal. 


It is YOU choosing how you see your moments & words carry weight


Past stories are important to who? For what purpose? Why speak of them? Why put gravity to dialog of a past if it is not the makings of where you want to be? Drop it like its hot or a heavy weight will be cast over your days. The simplicity of our wiring means we load our moments with particular framing altering where & how we place our attention constantly influencing our interaction with the world. We can be playful, light & dance with the stars or we can chain ourselves to our conditioning of complaint. Perhaps you move through the ocean fighting the currents, drowning yourself in the what if’s, the doubts,’I can’ts’ ‘what will happen if I do’ & the, ‘Im not good enoughs’… 


Weight baring activities can hold good function & yeah there are discoveries at the bottom of the ocean but being drenched & cloaked armour as your feet sink into the sand you can hardly make use of what you observe. You look around the darkness pleading, craving, ‘something’, or ’someone’ to pull you to the surface so you can see the light & breathe again. Everything in slow motion, you can’t feel your breath, you feel weightless yet you can’t move, your stories have a hold, the tentacles grab you in every adjustment, scratching & clawing madness in your mind all in hope to find escape, but only to have exhausted all options except the one that will set you free… 

You are the power you need to meet

You are the universe, it resides within, you are the lover & maker of global change.

It starts in darkness, so spark your flame…

The equation is simple, you and your story is a combined weight holding you back. You have every right to be bliss in this life, you have every right to feel beautiful as you walk, as you speak & when you make love, it is your birth right. Use your light, direct your fire! Pierce through your story, set fire to the superstring. Get the axe, smash the chain connect to the possibilities… You are your cure…. 


Cut the chain, leave the story, build your lifE


Be who you came here to be, make no excuse, make love of the pain, chose to let go, & surrender. The laws of the universe will meet you but first you must make the move. You are born to be great, to strip yourself of all conditioning & evolve into the greatest being you desire to be. Fuck the small minds that don’t carry your courage, bless them & move on. Cut all ties. You have access to all knowledge at all times, no one will give it to you & no one will save you, but you have you the receiver & thats the greatest power you will ever need. 

Break the chain

Even with tethered weary tear filled eyes, invent the possibility that you can actually get out of here, you can swim to the light & claim the life that is rightfully yours. Ditch the people who engage with your old story, its not you, it never was & they are just fiction meeting fiction. You are powerful beyond anything that will greet you, slice through the chain, swim to the light, breathe. Your emotions are there to guide you but at the bottom of the ocean it is dark, so they can only sit with the weight of the stories you know. 


You must be the rebel, wild &  engaged with the invention of your authentic life


You need not have loyalty to the, “how to behave script”… Ditch that. Tear yourself away from the lead box of stories, its only you holding you back. Don’t kid yourself either, your mind wants to convince you it is keeping you safe, this is bullshit its not keeping you safe, it IS keeping you stuck so you can complain & spin the wheel to go round again… To the point you cannot breathe, you cannot move… paralysed by the voices telling yourself the same shit over & over, just have a listen one time… they don’t want you to move…


Contradict it, don’t be subservient, swim to the surface & breathe again, it is time… Its your time on your terms… bite through what is convincing you not to be all of you, forgive yourself for making the mistake in thinking you cannot do it or that you do not deserve it. You owe nothing to no one, but you have a responsibility, & I am here to tell you, follow the light, its time to break free, I will meet you. Break the chain, You are the maker, fear not as you can only meet yourself. 



Elicia Ward