Perfection is for losers...


So what's the plan?

Wind yourself up so tight striving to appease outdated expectations to speak to the world so it will accept you? It won't... Being human means that you are always tainted by failings of some kind. And all the love you lost in pursuit? Well it sits waiting on a park bench, saddened & exhausted trying to call to you & your foolish self, chasing an illusion completely made so you stay powerless. What win do you expect when you are tied to the carrot dangling in your face? It'll alway be one step ahead, it'll always remind you of what you haven't done, yet to do, or how you aren't able to cause you have never won before...


My heart started smoking cigars watching the sun set. Smoke screen & ironically a moment to breathe. Watched all my judgements of who I should've been. I shot the fucking carrot, & snapped the stick.. 


The whole thing was made of bullshit. Why should I punish myself for not gleaming with purity? I am a human. This is the human condition, imperfections are what makes us build love & compassion. The rules were simply how 'they' told us we need to live. They didn't trust us to flow with the truth of who we are & live in harmony... I tell you what? Fuck that.


I trust you. I know you are made of the right heart, & if you're not, life will align you to nature. You will be sent awakenings to balance any wrong thought you have, & it'll fucking hurt if you cling to perfection... their rules made of the carrot & stick. 


As humans we avoid pain & move towards pleasure...fact. But if you grew up with pain as your original conditioning then you will gallop towards pain with vehement cause. It's addictive being a victim. But even then life will send you moments of awakening, amongst the rubble, as the dust settles once more you will light yet another cigar, watch the sun set & eventually see, you need to stop the program. You will quit going after what you were taught, & sit in the discomfort of a love you were never shown. Exhaling you will forgive yourself & eventually quit perfection, quit the rules & build your way. Start your life all over again. 


The trauma of what was once a known comfort being stripped away means you will tremble...but....The veil will be lifted, you will see the scratchings on the jail cell walls, you will see a pool of water where your heart had been pleading with you... And in the moonlight you will see the echo of a broken heart. 

Once this moment met.

You will then have to learn how to forgive. Not others. Just you.

You will have to learn how to trust. Not others just you. You will have to learn to give support. Not to others. Just you.


Set fire to perfection & all illusions holding hands in alliance with this foolish system. 

No one will save you. But you have support. Just make the first step, & I will come meet you... me my business, the Empress & Wolf, my art, my words, they will all greet you & hold you proud. You are special. You also the result of all things taught. Be kind. Your heart is waiting behind the walls. Marking each day you don't visit. Crying each night waiting for you to see. You have the key. Make the choice to align with you. All in kindness compassion & the sweetness of knowing you are not perfection nor will you ever be. You are you, & that's all you ever needed to be.


It's time to own it. You have power, I see it. Break this old way with me. There are people awakening all over the world feeling alone, so alone they want to die. They can no longer hide so they go to extremes, -even the strong have fallen. You must take the stand within yourself. My business & I are here to support you. But you must first swing open that cell door. I would not ask anything of you that I have not already done myself.  

You have my support

I will change this world with or without you. I know what is right & so do you. We will win this with or without consent. The world is lost, but be not afraid. Everything has a cost & I have risked it all. 

I have Lost everything. But not my belief.

You can do this. Small steps. Shoot the carrot break the stick. Breathe in all ways you need to. Reconnect to your truth, you are allowed to, even when everyone says your wrong, you know what is right. Be courageous. You have my support, you have permission to be all of you. Unwire yourself. Fail big. Fail small. But always follow your inner truth. This is how you win. Snap rules of perfection right in the neck, or you may be next. Engage, tell your true story. You are allowed to speak. Judgements can do no harm against alignment of truth. Swallow who you are, & spit out the parts you are not. You have my support. Cause I'm gona change this world with or without you & this Empire of integrity will not fall to the old systems games, we are many, & we are strong & we will endure this no matter how long. 

Regards, the Empress & Wolf 

Elicia Ward