You're invincible because you don't want anything..

What if all you needed to do was let go? 

What if your dreams lay dormant because you are holding a bag of old parts of your personality. Let's face it, you cannot carry everything...Unless you are unpacking the shopping from the car, that's just an anomaly... You will need to pick & choose what comes with you as you pursue invincibility. 

You are failing let go because you believe you need the things, the lists need to be achieved, the weight has to be lost, the relationship needs to be in your arms, your mother needs to approve of you...


A death in the mind. A death to the old ways in you that are holding you back from the dreams you have held deep in your heart for lifetimes. 

For me, I am feeling there are parts of me I thought were here, that are very much are not. There is the old me that I remember from days gone by, the woman I was is no longer the only thing I am, time has pasted experiences & wisdoms all over the girl that once was. 

As I check in, I realise that its all dead,  I am carrying around these thoughts of who I was,  what I use to like,  doing all the things but getting no real pleasure out of it
because I simply  am not that chick anymore.


It is one thing to aspire to live the life of our dreams, but to really succeed we will have to surrender to the truth of our most basic needs then work our way up. You cannot achieve any form of lasting happiness without surrender, with out letting go of our rules for fulfilment... Desire plays a big role here. 

If you can successfully get to a point whereby you can experience joy without the stimulus of another human or any other item, you will then be given the opportunity to live the life of your dreams free from failings that most pursuits of success conspire. You can be rich & happy, acting in kindness, being of service to the world. 

Surrender is all about not listening to the pulls of the wild night sky. It is about owning your own needs & surrendering to them. It took me years to realise what I needed, this is a side journey in its own right, but a very worthwhile step on the path to empowerment draped in happiness. 


Elicia Ward 

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Elicia Ward