Contrast cures Dreams Unfulfilled

How often do we say, 'I can't'?

Then the next minute something rocks up in our world & BAM, we have achieved more in 20min than the entire week!!

Contrast was the motivator of my success. I wouldn't be half the business woman I am today without all the epic crap that landed in my life. The lies, betrayal, misinformation, acting too hastily, not acting at all, being someone else, & then, finally I am here as myself.

Success was all that was left after exhausting all possible failures

So here we are, 28th of July 2015, glass of wine in hand writing my speech to a crowd of people in  my mind. Opening night of the Empress & Wolf only 12 days away... I pick up my journal & read aloud to one of the most amazing & beautiful souls I know, Alswolf. 

"Over the years my heart would beat in lifeless expression to the rooms & categories refined by no one, where our so called, 'best selves', become lost in the need to tread the old ways of the world.

Those rooms have have fixings that swallowed my LOVE, LIGHT, & tormented me with CONFUSION & DAMPENED all HOPE of moving forward. 


I burned down those walls they told me were built for 'safety'.

I reconfigured the categories so there was a room for all of me & I removed the useless torment of old ways.

Over 2 decades of study & introspection to stand here with strength & confidence, with wisdom & the deepest love for humanity & each & every one of you. 


My intention is to inspire you via my own journey on the path of Empowerment.

You are so important. You are so valuable & you are loved beyond measure. 

I want you to have your wishes fulfilled & if I had my way, I'd wish for your heart to be filled with a blissful laughter that kindly emanates peace & love for eternity"

Emotional turbulences raging in the untamed mind, or worse, a mind tamed by someone else's rule.  

I hope you enjoyed my first blog!! Please let me know what you think??

Love, Elicia Ward, the Empress & Wolf


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