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‘She fought the family line for she knew a better way’
By Elicia Ward

I shattered the broken records that tied me to poor programs embedded by generations gone by. I was dedicated to awakening, healing & evolving but it left me with a unfillable void.

‘Emptiness is the achievement of healing these lines’.

By birthing the truth of myself into the world, my healing became inverted. Self validation, self love & the ability to be present with who I really am, was the new focus.
The refinement of one’s own integrity becomes a dialog with the inner selves. The outside world still questions my every move, but I’m not be moved by the lines they throw.
This new flavour of emptiness will no doubt be an intriguing path much like the one which has met me here, & I am embracing it all with every cent I have, but I’m missing the sense in the whole price I have paid.
So I entwine the air with more wishes, ‘may tomorrow bring me the next revelation’ & ‘may that inspire motivation for the next fog to diffuse’. Clarity really is for the unawakened or for textbooks.
The lines I am referring to are the generational influences, placing thousands of years of patterning into our childhood drenching is in contrast so we make a choice to either repeat or fight to break the cycle.


‘Except this Love’

By Elicia Ward

Nothing could bring back the colours stolen from her heart...

I see infinite space & illusions of time. A failing limitation in our perception, I am reminded of Plato, the allegory of the cave... we cannot know reality, we can only live through shadows breaking free bouncing from mere labels at best.

Except this love...

Speaks of the love that only contrast of my wishes could deliver. With unwavering integrity I kept true to my personal laws & for that I am delivered an unveiled world of true love & connection. I accept, no one will ever figure out the Rubik's cube that is the essence of me & all I have endured. But as I become the woman I have chosen to be, I see how powerful the expression of who I am really is. I will paint the world to show you parts of the whole, this will be enough to open doors for us.

The grey scale of limitation of which we are taught to abide need not threaten as it's not 'all' there is...

Ask more questions, choose to be bold & you will find the, 'you' that's left after all the limitations are met. You are the genius potential awaiting the decision to step out of tainted perceived ideas.

“Freedom takes discipline & you have the power to paint your world”


“Never Change”

By Elicia Ward

Never Change the Original Blueprint you came here with. Meet each mirror passionately with intrigue. Allow the impact to ravish & reactivate the truth in you. Keep being foolishly innocent, sweetly pure, guard only the Original. Let life interrupt you. Then build radiant castles that glow like a beacon of hope for those who come after you. Not all get through. Not all survive the fierceness of life, most drown , settling in a monotonous routine.

Rise up, be YOU amongst the vehemence of life & be proud you have done so.

All the people I was programmed to trust set me on fire in hope I would burn to dust & my dreams would follow. Instead I glowed. I continued on, embracing the Original in me. Tainted of course, wounded indeed but more motivated & determined than ever.

Resilience allows me to stand in the fire & not get burned.

‘She put her heart in everything she did.’

‘I’m all in’, was a common phrase spoken from her lips.

“Sadly, that left her unprotected & vulnerable amongst every storm.

The damage this caused creates the Art.  But this last time her shield of protection never came back & when she looked down beneath her coat she realised she wore the armour that in past days she so desperately reached out for.

Her heart now lay bare next to her - pierced and wounded - yet she continued…... driven beyond even the heart”


‘Puzzles on the Line’

By Elicia Ward

They were made of Art & Sweet things, the type of Magic that Money can’t buy

The same things stars are made of, that only Stars can Recognise

I shouldn't be writing this song & I shouldn’t have spent so long

Thinking about this face..

We have both made our promises & we keep to them each night

A mind filled with desire will always goes crazy

Trying to delete perfection from the mind.

I was never given the right pieces from the start, made from all unmachings

In a world so far from my heart. I have battled with all the wrong choosings repressing all the feelings. Knowledge of past days equals no future here… But my mind continues to swing & sway, like clothes on a line…

I fall in love instantly, or perhaps I choose to see love either way I know the pieces that I match simply shatter me…


“Sun Kissed”

By Elicia Ward

Harmony isn’t seen by all

Sunrise, Sun fall

Some of us don’t meet our call, Some don’t even sit at this door

Time Melt, Heart Felt, We Felt it all

We’ll sing , So you hear our call

Come find us & we’ll meet you at this door

She sat in front of the doorway

Upon the steps, feeling the sun

But we couldn’t choose the doorway

Or if she’d make the choice to run

But I saw her sit there & I know

She knew Love. She felt love in that instant.


“Write Music in Art”  By Elicia Ward

"The world had her; As she always gave her all

Stripped and shredded to get the 'Art' into her

She was complete, yet shred bare from life's unravelings, draped in life lessons, ever consumed - she writes in the same way she devoted herself to Art

She never stopped caring, & never stopped delivering kindness, compassionately

'I told the story anyway',She said, ‘regardless of the pain evoked each time I share’

Knowing she was never meant to be savoured or bottled

She built a resilience in order to skilfully be herself

and deliver to the world the truth of "her".

She sold it as expensive & rare.

The line of exquisite is the same - A diamond in us all.

The meaning of 'full' and 'complete' all delivered by one heart, with Empress care She was the lightworker soldier willing to risk it all

Willing to music, write and art with all of her being authentic, congruent, integrity

Just so another soldier need never lay face down in the mud

She was 'full Woman', bullets, swords, wounds and all  

Never tainted - with unwavering conviction

The master is made of the ability to know oneself

& she knew it all… As she always gave her all.

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The Empress & Wolf is a New Age Art Gallery. Artworks are selected because they hold depth & meaning. We have a stunning collection of local, Melbourne & interstate artists working in many different mediums.

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