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Our Philosophy


The Empress & Wolf is a New Age Art Gallery. Artworks are selected because they have a vibration, an energy and a spiritual meaning. We have a stunning collection of local, Melbourne & interstate artists working in many different mediums.

We aim to impress! We choose work that has impact and intensity. As you walk through our gallery, the walls are filled with a collage of many different mediums and styles.

Our artists are instructed to create from their deepest selves so we can see them in their full expression. We celebrate flavour, content, style and skill.


Some of our Art, jewellery & Crystals



Our artists include

Asaf Zakay, Glass

Bonny Hutt, Paintings

Elicia Ward, Paintings, Jewellery & Cards

Fred Colla, Paintings

Ivana Pinaffo, Paintings

Janusz Szkutnik, Jewellery

Kaye Poulton, Ceramics

Lauren Harris, Jewellery

Nadine Trigg, Jewellery

Preyas, Jewellery