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Our Story

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The Empress & Wolf features the things I absolutely love, and what has inspired and empowered me along the way.  - Elicia.

Walking through the space we ask that you tune in and connect to your own first impressions and listen to your inner world.


Art is my true love. I adore seeing artists stepping into their truth and expressing their message to the fullest. I choose artworks that are detailed, filled with flavour and content and that ignite a response. 

I am also a painter, and always the painting comes with channelled information that delivers a new perspective. We have a collection of a few different artists, and this creates such an intriguing experience as you walk around the space.


I am a writer & avid reader, so we stock books with a broad range of subjects designed to educate the reader to take the necessary steps to allow their dreams manifest in the here & now.


We love our crystals and I also read a crystal ball, so we make sure I stock lots of these. We believe each crystal has a story or message that the right person can connect to & feel supported by.

We love to help people find the crystals that speak to their soul, and we have learnt so much from their messages and continue to do so. We have one of the biggest ranges in Daylesford, especially with rare, hard to find or statement pieces.


I have so many connections over the past decade that allow me to get the best pieces that are created with elegance and class. I only stock higher quality pieces, as I believe their vibration is much clearer, and it also teaches us to lift our vibration to attract abundance and higher quality items into our lives!


We love to create a home like feel, and hand pick the pieces to suit the space. We generally choose items that stand out and are unique.


Tarot is the discovery of the Self. I have been reading tarot cards for over ten years, but as soon as I connected professionally I was able to channel information for people prior to their arrival whilst reading a crystal ball, a true blessing as an exchange.

I aim to stock every type of tarot card set so that you can come and allow a set to find you. I believe if you choose your deck intuitively it will more easily activate your natural psychic gifts. I adore helping people find the right set.


To Inspire & Empower

It is our intention to send out empowered light, kindness & acceptance, so you can discover yourself.


The Empress & Wolf came to me in a relentless dream in February 2015. I was shown an art gallery, and as I am an artist and previously worked as a gallery operations manager, it made complete sense to open up something with a bit more edge, yet keep the warmth & softness of an ambient gentle space.





Elicia Ward, Owner & Inventor


The sculpture garden

 Filled with more art, nature and water features.

Zen out from the busyness of Daylesford and float amongst the beauty.



See inside the gallery, healing rooms and garden


Take a Virtual Tour




Everyone's looking for themselves. I want them to feel a touch of found here. I am designed to connect to people on a deeper level; to ignite the possibility that your dreams are a reality; that you can walk into them just as I have done.

Making purchases when you're absent minded or to escape is no longer working. I want to invite people to engage; immerse themselves in themselves and purchase from their deepest desires and curiosities. From here expansion is possible. From here change begins.


 The Empress & Wolf is the symbolic of the duality that sits within: our animal instincts and our ability to direct our empire and create our lives the way we choose.


We are the alchemist, connected to every being, every intelligence and every strength. I believe you can, I believe anything is possible for you.

I follow this path. Walk with me.


 We are all puppets to something, the questions is, once you realise who or what is pulling the strings will you have the courage to break free.


 I am direct proof that you do not need a stamp from one of society's institutions telling you that you can pursue your dreams. Though I have to fit my business into the old system, I don't have to follow all the conformity around what I sell, what order to do things or even how I present my business.


 I am an artist that has no training, in a business that has no credentials, doing something that is immeasurable.

Elicia Ward